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Frequently asked Questions

Can I get knives mail?

Yes, you can!

Can I get a courier knives?

Yes, you can!

Can I order the engraving on the blade text?

Yes, you can! Lead time – from 7 to 10 days. The cost of work – 200 rubles.

Do I need to constantly carry a certificate?

If you go into the forest, the document can not take it. But in the city, in the car, of course, the certificate must be with a knife!

Like the knife from the catalog. When ordering, I get him?

No! We take pictures of knives once. Knife with photos tend to have long found a buyer. You’ll get about the same knife (maybe even better), but absolutely identical knives we have – in fact all the knives are made by hand. If you doubt the quality or appearance, you can make a request to our e-mail and we will send you before shipment by e-mail the photo of the selected blade.

How to take care of Damascus steel knife?

After working the knife blade should be wiped dry. It is useful to lubricate the Damascus blade melted beef, goose fat or neutral gun oil.

There were stains on the Damascus blade. It’s a marriage?

The appearance of spots on the Damascus blade is not a defect. The fact that the Damascus steel is active. And when in contact with acid (eg, tomatoes, pickles, apple, lemon) Damask dark (as you may appear spots described). Similarly damask reacts to humidity. This is perhaps the only negative Damascus. To make the blade original form, you need to use sandpaper number “0” (t. E. Zero paper) and oil (the best WD, t. E. Rust, but it is possible and any other). Rub the stain appeared, and the knife will be the same.

As well as the better to sharpen a knife from Damascus?

For sharpening knives buy fine diamond brusochek (grinding stone with diamond-coated). of Damascus steel knife is better not to grind, but just a little touch up. This should be done very carefully, without pressure, without breaking the sharpening angle. If the experience is not enough, we suggest you contact a professional – it is better to see once than to hear a hundred times!

Why, if you rub the needle files diamond blade, drawing on Damascus erased, and under it a pure metal?

Drawing on Damascus steel can be a quick wipe and quickly recover. Damascus steel is similar to wood, if cut off from it, the picture will not be. But if the cut process the oil, then the figure will appear. Damascus is the same, only instead of oil is necessary to use 7% nitric acid (and can even be an ordinary lemon). Clean the area without a pattern with cotton wool soaked in acid, and make sure that Damascus – this is not the picture, and the metal structure.

Broken Blade. Is it possible to fix the knife?

It is cheaper to buy a new knife, that is to the principal in the knife -.. Is the blade and work. And when the blade is broken, for the work will have to pay twice: first to disassemble and then assemble.

As mounted birch bark handle?

The handle is made of birch bark (skin) is attached to a metal rod. The rod is connected to the blade by two rivets. Birch bark is glued with epoxy resin.

Whether permission is required to buy a knife?

All models of knives were examined in the Forensic Science Center of the Interior Ministry, are certified by the State Standard of the Russian Federation and are not machetes. In connection with this allowed the free sale of knives. For delivery by mail necessarily attached information sheet with the company’s seal. (When you purchase in stores, at exhibitions also requires the issuance of this document). Information Sheet must be worn with a knife in order to avoid possible misunderstandings with the police.

Does the cost cover?

The cost of any knife (with the exception of Cook’s) included a good case made of genuine leather with a logo of the company.

Main ways of payment for your knife:
  • 1. Оплата при получении на Почте РФ
  • 2. Карты     Оплата пластиковыми картами    

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