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url_name: knife-booroondook-blade-440b-steel-with-smithery-marks-handle-birchbark-metal-with-knothole

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The model «Boo’roondook» (Chipmunk) is developed by V.S. Maslennikov in 2003. This knife is 1st of favorites of hunters and fishermen and the one of the 2 of the “Russian Bulat” top-level bestsellers. (The another one is “Greebnick” (Mushroomer) knife)
At exhibitions, buyer who are asked “What for you buy it?” do answer «For all!». And there are few ones who take the knife and feel no desire to have it. The 90% of buyers just take the knife without any questions or queries.
For exhibitions, it is common that a buyer of “Boo’roondook” come back for more “Boo’roondooks” for presents or bring a friend to buy it.


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